Fire alarm systems in the cloud

Like standing in front of your panel

FireCMD - The New Command Room

FireCMD (Fire Command) is an intuitive cloud based system used to retrieve detailed information from your fire alarm system, from anywhere in the world. Have you ever received that call from security or central station letting you know that the fire alarm system was triggered, and the person on premises doesn’t know what to do? FireCMD is the system for you, whether you have one property or thousands, in minutes you’ll be able to diagnose the issue to the fire alarm device or devices having an issue. It's just like standing in front of your fire alarm system, without making the trip to the property.


Our intuitive interface ensures you'll be able to identify any possible issues with your fire alarm systems, at a glance of your screen. Using a traditional color scheme (red, yellow, green) you can quickly identify the potential issues in your properties' fire alarm system. Even with multiple properties the system will always present buildings with abnormal conditions first. This is ideal for security personnel responsible for multiple buildings from one central location. Simply leave the device status page up and the system will update the fire alarm status as it changes. Even if your fire alarm systems are independent or have different manufactures (EST,Silent Knight, Notifier) FireCMD can bring them into one screen. One more thing, with our mobile responsive design you will be able to use our system from your favorite mobile device running iOS or Android. Which means any iPhone, iPad or device with a browser will provide just as much information as any desktop computer. With a tap of the status button detailed information of your fire alarm system is displayed.

device status
device status

The FireCMD status view has detailed accounting of all the messages the fire alarm system has generated. In this screen you will be able to see how many fire alarm, monitor, supervisory or trouble signals have been activated and are pending restore. By clicking any of the signal names, FireCMD will filter all other messages leaving only messages your interested in. This is helpful during a fire alarm condition, only focusing on the messages that triggered the alarm. FireCMD parses the fire alarm system messages and presents the data in a user-friendly manner. Following the same color scheme red, yellow (orange for readability), you can quickly identify messages that belong to an alarm condition. FireCMD simplifies the message by showing the date, time and type of message (fire alarm, trouble, monitor, supervisory, user action). If you require additional information simply tap on the message row and the system will expand the line and highlight the pertinent information. Here you will see all the message details, just as the fire alarm would display. This gives you information on device type, location, device ID, etc. Giving you all the necessary information to determine what the next course of action will be.



FireCMD provides an effective and simple way to view your Fire Alarm Status. You can quickly identify buildings with trouble, supervisory or fire alarm conditions. A simple interface allows you to expand your view and see the details that match the current state of your panel. Avoiding unnecessary trips to your properties.



We understand support is an integral part of your business. In making sure you can provide excellent support to your customers, we provide 24 hr support to ours. Making sure you always have the tools to access the status of your Fire Alarm Systems anywhere in the world.



In order to provide the best experience, we realize that reliability is of most importance. To ensure FireCMD provides the most value to our end-users, redundancy is at the core of our architecture. This redundancy enables FireCMD to continue working in the case of multiple failures, ensuring that FireCMD is available when you need it most.

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