FireCMD Beta Program

If you're interested in being able to see the status of your fire alarm system(s), from your mobile device or desktop computer. Send a request to join our beta program and we will try to accommodate your request, space is limited.



FireCMD is designed using standards such as RS232 for retrieval of data. This means that any fire alarm system with this support will be able to send data.

Supported Panels:


  • EST3X
  • EST3
  • EST2
  • iO 64
  • iO 500
  • FireShield Plus
  • FireShield

More To Come...



FireCMD's primary method for communication is TCP/IP. This means there must be internet access accessible in the Fire Command room, or location of main fire alarm system.

  • Wired Access
  • Wireless Access
    • 802.11 (W/Additional Adapter)
    • Cellular 3G (Future Release)

Using standard protocols such as HTTP and NTP means little or no configuration is required from your sysadmin. In most instances you'll be able to plugin the FireCMD Monitor and start collecting data on your fire alarm systems.



Installations of the FireCMD Monitor must be handled by a certified technician with the proper credentials to work on a Fire Alarm System. Most jurisdictions have specific requirements for technicians that work on Fire Alarm Systems. You will need assistance from the companies providing services for your fire alarm system. In order to facilitate the installation for these contractors, we provide simple to follow installation guides to aid them in the process.

If your a Fire Alarm Systems integrator and are interested in providing FireCMD as a service, leave us a comment in the sign up form. We can expand further on how this system maybe beneficial to you as well.

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